Leg before wicket

Leg before wicket, also known as LBW, is the most confusing rule of all the ways to get out. A simple way to explain that is that the umpire will call somebody out, if he thinks that the ball would have it the wicket if the pats of the batman wouldn’t have stopped it.

So basically if he thinks that the pads have stopped the ball from hitting the wicket.

However, it is not as simple as it seems. The umpire has to recognize other factors, too!

The batsman will not be out if:

The batsman will be called out if:

Notice, the umpire must only make such a decision, if the fielding team protests and ask him to decide if the ball was LBW. This will be done by the fielding by asking of the umpire “How is that?” which normally sounds like “Howzat?” This is done in a loud and enthusiastic way.

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