Fielding Positions

The fielding positions are taken in by players of the fielding team.

Cricket Fielding Positions

These are all the important Fielding Position

As long as they are not bowler or wicket keeper, they are out on the field, on positions their team captain assigned them.

The main role of a fielding player is to try to catch the ball and throw it back at the wicket, so the batsmen can not score anymore runs. They also have to make sure that the ball won’t cross the boundary, otherwise the batsmen will score 4 points, or 6 if it didn’t hit the ground. A fielding player also tries everything to catch the ball out of the air, to get a player out directly by out caught.

The positions can have quite strange names and sometimes seem a little bit difficult to remember. However, one only has to know the important positions. The most important positions will be explained here.

Remember, if the striker is right handed, everything from bowler’s point of view on the right hand will be leg (on) side. Everything on the left side of the bowler will be off side. This changes to the opposite when the striker is left handed.

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