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How to catch a ball below shoulder
To catch a ball below your shoulder, you take both hands and form a sort of bowl with them. So have them wide open to enable the ball to enter in the [...]
How to bowl an out-swinger
An out-swinger is quite similar to an in-swinger. The only difference is that an out-swinger is going away from the batsman instead of to the batsman. [...]
How to bowl an inswinger
An in-swinger is a spin ball that will go slowly to the batsman. To bowl an in-swinger, you will have to have one shining site on your ball. (rub it [...]
How to hold the bat
For right hander for left hander it is the other way round: You have to put your left hand at the top of the bat and your right hand below. Hold it tight [...]
How to bowl
The real bowling action depends what kind of bowling you want to do, fast bowling or spin bowling, but the general bowling action stays the same. You have [...]
How to guide
I will now start a new how to guide for cricket, in oder to show you some techniques.