Where cricket is played

Cricket is played on a between 100 to 160 yards (90 to 150 meters) long, slightly oval shaped grass field.

In the middle of the field is the pitch. The pitch is a rectangular strip. It is 22 yards (20.1 meters) long, measured from bowling crease to bowling crease. The total length of the pitch is 24.67 yards (22.56 meters) long. The with of the pitch is 10 feet (3.05 meters) wide, measure from one bowling crease to the other. While the total width of the pitch 4 yards (3.66 meters) is.

On either end on the bowling crease are the wickets. They consist out of three sticks which are nailed in the ground, they are called stumps. The distance between them is a little bit smaller then a cricket ball, so that no ball can pass them. The total width of the wicket is 0.75 feed (0.22 meters) Both stumps opposite to each other are on the exact same height.

On each wicket are two bails. Bails are wooden blocks that, if hit or if the stumps are hit can fall down.

As the pitch is often made out of sand it is important that it doesn’t get wet. Also if the pitch would be made out of other material, it is important to keep it dry. If the pitch is wet, one can not bowl as good on it. This would mean that a game has to be cancelled. Normally if it starts to rain, during a game, and the umpires decide to pause it, the pitch will get covered.The Pitch

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